The historical meaning of oblivious is ‘forgetful, unmindful’, followed by of:

• Never before…has a great painter been completely oblivious of the style, or styles, of his time —Kenneth Clark, 1949.

This meaning survives, but another meaning, ‘unaware of, unconscious of’, which evolved during the 19c, is now more common, despite objections to it raised by Fowler (1926) and earlier by the OED editors, who labelled it ‘erroneous’; this was changed to ‘formerly regarded as erroneous’ in OED2, and the current online text reads ‘now the usual sense’. In this meaning it is followed by of or (more often) to:

• I stayed indoors all day for several days, oblivious to the damp heat of Falmouth —C. Day Lewis, 1960.

Modern English usage. 2014.


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